Memory lane – Sam’s 0 birthday

This is an email my mom found in her treasure troves…

Hello everyone!

I know this sounds stupid, but until I see Sam I won’t be sure of anything…however, I think I’ve been in labor for about 4 hrs now so I’m taking a minute out to distract myself and tell you the good news  =-O I think we’re in business now!  The contractions have been about 7-10 min apart, and are getting stronger and closer together.

Our little guy has funny timing – poor Dave had duty last night so he’s already been up 24 hrs.  He came home around 4am and is napping right now so he can have some energy for later.  I tried to stay snuggled, but had to get up for a bit.  Fortunately Dave’s had lots more experience functioning without sleep than I do – I think his record is a stretch from Fri am to Tues night on only 3 hrs!  I don’t think it will take that long for Sam to arrive 🙂

We’ll send email updates along the way as much as we can – my mom will be holding down the fort here and taking care of Caff so she’ll pass the word along.   Feel free to call her, too – 360.598.3555.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Looking forward to meeting Sam!!!

Alli, Dave, Sam and Caff