Parents vs. kids game

Parents vs. kids hockey game
IMG 0949  This is from the summer, I think...not sure how it got in here but oh well! Dry land training on Thursdays. We often did stuff like this outside during "happy hour" to keep people from fighting. ;) IMG 3145  I'm getting goalie gear on so i can try being goalie for the parents vs. kids game. IMG 3146  I have a bunch of helpers because this stuff is heavy, and the nice goalie whose gear I'm borrowing just pointed to the gear and then jumped out on the ice, leaving me to figure it out! ha! IMG 3149  Borrowing Darrel's helmet.
IMG 3151  Thanks, Jesse! IMG 3154 IMG 3155 IMG 3156
IMG 3158 IMG 3159  Almost ready. IMG 3162 IMG 3163  Just need a stick now.
IMG 3165  Some last minute advice. Like...don't you need a stick?? IMG 3177 IMG 3178 IMG 3179
IMG 3180  My friend Jillian is a lines woman - a ref! IMG 3182 IMG 3184 IMG 3185
IMG 3186 IMG 3187 IMG 3188 IMG 3189
IMG 3191 IMG 3195 IMG 3199 IMG 3215
IMG 3216 IMG 3217 IMG 3218 IMG 3170  Ben helped defend me by playing on the parents' team. Sam did a great job taking shots against his mom!
IMG 3175  I went through all the video shot by my mom - thank you! The ones I saved were worth watching. IMG 3194 IMG 3196 IMG 3197
IMG 3203 IMG 3204 IMG 3205 IMG 3206
IMG 3208  at the end of this one, Ben punches me because I skated out to challenge a breakaway, then got deked. IMG 3209 IMG 3211 Alli  That's Sam taking a shot on me! Thanks to Frank for this excellent action shot :)