Falls View Trail

20140329 132939  We started our adventure with a trip to Port Gamble and visited the museum below the General Store. This is the inside of what a ship would look like for people who were traveling that way in the late 1800s. 20140329 132947 DSC00775  Now we're out on a hike to some falls in Quilcene. DSC00776  It's raining like mad on Bainbridge, but we found a sliver of sun!
DSC00777 DSC00778 DSC00779  The river near the falls. DSC00781
DSC00783  Ben is taking these pictures... DSC00784  Lots of water rushing through. DSC00787  Dave loved this spot here. So peaceful. DSC00788
DSC00793  Silly boys! DSC00794  Is that a wood elf? DSC00795 DSC00796
DSC00797 DSC00799 DSC00800 DSC00801  Ben liked these rocks and roots! He's still taking pictures.
DSC00802 DSC00803 DSC00809 DSC00810
DSC00813 DSC00816 DSC00819  A Roadhouse sounded perfect to grab a bite afterwards! 20140329 152258
20140329 152302 20140329 152311 20140329 152316 20140329 152321
20140329 152657 20140329 152706  Ben taking all those pictures! 20140329 152716 20140329 152749
20140329 152806 20140329 152853 20140329 153017  Yes - we were very careful about them not falling into those rushing waters! 20140329 153148
DSC00820  Sam LOVES clams. DSC00821  Yum! DSC00822  First clam bite! DSC00823  Things got silly FAST!
DSC00825 DSC00826  This is a typical dining out experience. Look at how messy our boys still are! DSC00827  "Pizza, I don't understand you!" DSC00829
DSC00830 DSC00831  I totally love this one! Look at his EYEBROW! I am laughing out loud right now as I type! DSC00832  Sam is dreaming of clams, Ben says. DSC00833
DSC00834  Dave trying to clean Ben. Look at how he has to hold onto that head! DSC00835  My camera has clam butter on the lens I think! DSC00836  Yup. Mess! I cleaned this up for the waitress, too. DSC00837
DSC00838 DSC00839 DSC00840 DSC00841
DSC00842 MAH00780  I think these are nice, peaceful movies from the stream. MAH00782 MAH00798