Thurston Lava Tube

L1060141  Mom and I were wondering how these pretty flowers grew out of palm tree! IMGP2635  Until we realized they were...lei! Not enough coffee yet. L1060143  Here we go into the lava tube! RMT0287  Good shot of inside the tube, Richard!
IMGP2641 IMGP2646  "I like to move it, move it!" RMT0291  Some family pictures! Thanks Richard! RMT0295  All four in one shot is hard work!
RMT0296  And getting Dave to smootch on command...well... RMT0297  Squirmer! L1060151  I stole Richard's camera for a minute to take a few candids of them :) Thank  you for the nice family pictures, Richard! L1060154
L1060153 L1060156  "I don't HAVE to go pee!" IMGP2647  A little tired now, driving to lunch at the Kilauea Lodge. IMGP2648  Liking the Tahoe :)
IMGP2677  Thank you for lunch, mom! RMT0279 RMT0280 RMT0281
RMT0282 RMT0284 RMT0287 RMT0289
RMT0291 RMT0295 RMT0296 RMT0297
RMT0312 RMT0314 RMT0316 RMT0317
RMT0320 RMT0321