PC220009  Dinner the night we went to pick up Pig and Bear. Dave is finally off from work and made a feast of turkey and stuffing (since Thanksgiving was a bit crazy with him working and me and a friend hosting 20 pilots at the beach). PC200003  Christmas lights near our house. This one really takes the cake! PC200004 PICT0001  Mary SUPs out on the bay!
PICT0006  Sam and I took a spin, looking for turtles. PICT0009  Mom, our boat is riding right on top of the waves! PC230011  At Bellows for Hogmanay - holiday opening ceremonies bonfire. Here we are focused on starting fire with our sticks again! We get closer every year! I got smoke again! IMG 0116  We can do this!
IMG 0120  Ronnie takes a crack at it - he came really close!!!! Thank you, Ronnie, for jumping right in! (He's done it before, so he's an expert compared to us!) IMG 0131  Good technique, Sam! PC230014  We're helping it out a bit in the interest of time - since we are not Samoan or Hawaiian by blood, we just don't seem to have the knack for it! The sound of the lighter was pretty funny - when you light coconut fibers with a lighter it sounds like a jet taking off! We were like "Stand back!" PC230023  The gang relaxing and enjoying probably one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. See Sam sitting by the fire?
PC230024 PC230027  Ben taking a walk in the evening light. IMG 0133a  Ben also took a liking to Rinnah - they were so cute chatting away in the little chairs! IMG 0139  She loves her little purse - wouldn't put it down. So cute!
IMG 0140  I wonder what they're thinking about? IMG 0141  Cuties! She is about 9 months older than Ben I think. IMG 0144  Uh - oh! A "snowball" fight with marshmallows! That was sure a lot of fun! The big boys really got into it, believe it or not. They really pegged us! Then ran around and resupplied (see Mike in the background, ready to get Angel in blue t-shirt?). IMG 0145  Dave getting ready to peg me...
IMG 0148  He has quite an arm! If you ball them up and squish them together, they pack a punch! IMG 0150  My two dear friends, Angel and April, apparently went out on a hike together, found all these items, and then made a painting of me on the trail amongst all the local flora. Amazing! They even found some toilet paper on the trail and made a teeny tiny roll and perched it behind a lava rock! (Longstanding joke between us...) IMG 0152  I'm trying to hide hot dogs behind my back but I keep flicking hot dog juice all over them as I laugh. IMG 0157  Dave is thinking ... I'm not sure exactly!
RMT4625  Richard took some great pictures of us being silly - here we are doing an A for the "A Team" - Angel, April and Alli! We first did this about 6 years ago, and I guess we still do it any chance we get :) Poor Angel! RMT4626  Doug and Mary! RMT4636  "I look like I'm on drugs!" - that's what he said when he saw this. Then we laughed and remembered that he'd just tried taking dayQuil that evening to calm his cough down. Everyone has been sick for weeks! RMT4641  Wow. Unbelievable! Nice shot, Richard!
RMT4649  Cuties! Just married in April! RMT4657  Mommy staying healthy by drinking lots of water! RMT4666  Paparazzi! RMT4682  Dave chillaxin :)
RMT4683  And sensing an opportunity to do something silly! RMT4685 RMT4686 RMT4687  Everyone was laughing!
RMT4693  Yep! That is Rich - longtime friends from NR-1 days, stationed here now. RMT4731  The sword fights were fun! Jonah and Sam  Giji - I love this photo of Sam and Jonah sword fighting! Thank you! IMG 0163  Look at this sunset!!!
IMG 0165a  Unreal. This is what I was trying to capture with this year's watercolor of the Ko'olaus (posted to the website a couple weeks ago). IMG 0169  Hear no... speak no...see no... PC240003  Reading about DINOS in the morning light and planning the day's activities. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
PC240005  Dougie out on the beach on Sam's bike! PC240007  Funny Tito Pig! PC240115  The Christmas Concussion! I got really wailed by my SUP in a rogue wave while asking mom if she wanted to take a paddle. I KNEW better, too, than to stay in the breaks with it! Darn! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
PC240116  Looking down the beach toward the Obama vaca compound - the white tent is secret service. You can't go past that tent. We were 100 yards from it - the surf break is right where the compound is. PC240118  Out there are patrol boats, three of them, keeping people on the other side of the yellow buoys. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PC240128  On our way back out of the beach access, look what we ran into! I guess POTUS was arriving! The next sequence of pictures are thanks to mom, so you can see what all was involved. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PC240130  The traffic backed up for a mile down Kalaheo as Dave and Ben were trying to come pick us up!
PC240131  My friend Michelle is in the white in the foreground, trying to find a path around the crowd. She was out for a jog. PC240012 PC240132 PC240133  Gotta love the signage!
PC240139 PC240140 PC240141  I guess they park an ambulance there so they can just shoot out if need be? PC240142
PC240143  A bit overkill with the HPD perhaps? PC240144  Good grief, and there's more! PC240145  In that one? PC240146
PC240147 PC240008  Doug hauling the SUP back to Dave... PC240013  Loaded up and ready for traffic to move out. Sam and I would bike home. PC240148  Spaghetti dinner for Christmas Eve thanks to Dave, who despite not feeling well (same cough as mom we think) cooked nonstop for three days. Fantastic dinners!
PC250001  And Christmas morning! Sammy looking very groggy as he came out to inspect! PC250007  Lots of fun opening presents, but I later found out why he was so groggy and fatigued - a fever. Still having trouble shaking this cold that's been passed around to everyone but me. Or it's different viruses taking their turn with us. PC250010  Ben is really into firetrucks right now, so this is a little block set. PC250015  Sam had asked for Star Wars Legos (although he's never seen Star Wars and doesn't know what it is!). So Dave and I gave him that for his big present.
PC250023 PC250025 PC250026  The Ben blur opening presents! PC250029
PC250036  Eyeing Sam's new drum set (well, new to us - tracked it down across the island to a Goodwill store after my friend said her husband had donated it before she could hand it down to us!). PC250042  This is a fantastic book... PC250152 PC250153  Ben studying his new puzzles.
PC250155 PC250156 PC250161 PC250166  Wind chimes for Richard!
PC250168  The new wagon! They loved pulling each other around in a wagon at Richard's house, so I found a lightly used wagon on Craigslist for them. Amazing what you can find! Toys R Us was sold out, too. PC250172  A neat book from Gramma for Sam - he loves studying these 3D images of the body. PC250179  And a gravy boat from Mary! She is so thoughtful - asked what Dave was missing from the kitchen and that's the first and only thing which came to his mind. She was determined to find him one! PC250045
PC250182  A beautiful dress from Mary for me! LOVE it! PC250047  Gramma entertained Ben with these weird balls that squish out yucky things when you squeeze them! PC250050  Like Mary's stocking? PC250184
PC250051  A wee nip we all shared :) PC250195  Looking forward to watching these. Thank you, Dan and Heather! PC250196  Mommy's present to Daddy so he can organize and charge his devices :) PC250199  Daddy's present to us :)
PC250201  Dan and Heather - this was a huge hit with two generations of boys! PC250203  Another crazy ball! PC250205  Making breakfast - Pannetone French Toast (Dave) and gourmet egg scramble (Doug). PC250206
PC250208 PC250056 PC250211  Yum! PC250214  Lego time for big and little guys.
PC260057  "Diplodouglas" - much to Sam's delight! (Diplodocus :) ) IMG 0171  Breakfast at Kalapawai Cafe and Deli! PC260226  A really relaxing day at a quiet beach on base. PC260227  Something for everyone - Sam crab hunting with his friend Aiden.
PC260228  Checking out the conditions for all our gear, plotting who will do what first. Ben is ready for paddling! PC260236  After Sam and I snorkeled for a quite a while, I was really shivering. It was cooler here than usual although very nice and sunny. PC260239  Absolutely gorgeous conditions. PC260064  Look at Dave finally relaxing...
PC260240  And Richard, too! PC260242  Everyone busy doing what they do best :) I am glad I thought to stash snacks and a cooler really handy for just such an occasion. There was plenty to share with everyone. PC260245  Catching crabs in new board shorts from Mary! PC260067  Ben absolutely loved paddling around! He would say "Big rock over day-oh!"
PC260070 PC260254  Ooops! Thanks, "Prichard"! RMT4636 RMT4688