Mariner's Ridge

P8180005  Off on a hike with April! P8180007  Crazy mushroom? P8180009  At the top! We did it! Clouds were just rolling in - it was very interesting to be enveloped, then see the view unveiled again. P8180011
P8180012  Kept a very watching hand on Mr. Ben! P8180013  Gorgeous views up the windward coast. P8180014  Finding a geocache! P8180015  Making the trade :) Sam is holding our GPS unit.
P8180016  Ben got a little forklift and Sam got a ball. Very excited boys! P8180018  Sam considering his options :) P8180022  Come on, he says! P8180023  While Ben stops to admire the ferns.
P8180024  April and I enjoyed brainstorming about 21st century education options, opening our own school...and all kinds of things while hiking along. P8180025 P8180026  Sam is watering the ground so it won't be quite so slippery :) When it's dry, the crumbly ground can really scoot out from under your feet. P8180027  Taking April on the path less traveled. She is such fun to have along :)
P8180028  Loved seeing this picture as I have one very similar from 18 months ago when pregnant with Ben. Amazing to see how big Sam is now in comparison - probably 6" taller from what I can tell comparing the two pictures side by side. Much taller, and leaner since he's not gained more than about 2 lbs in that time. Love seeing my buddies as time passes. What will this picture look like in 2 years? In 10? In 20?