P8160002  Look who we ran into! Holly!!! It was her 15th birthday today! (She is Sam and Ben's babysitter.) P8160006  Looking up at the ferris wheel, waiting for our turn. "Wow, that goes pretty high, huh?" P8160011  Ben really not sure what was going on, but pretty interested in any adventure. P8160014  Sam checking out the ride options from a bird's eye view.
P8160017  Our gondola. Fun to watch him take it all in. Quite a lot of action at the carnival! I was totally overstimulated by the time we left. Too bad Dave wasn't here to help win some prizes, too! P8160023  Look at this proud guy who rode the Dragon coaster all by himself! P8160024  Sam riding for a second time! P8160028  Woo hoo!
P8160032  Now we're all three squeezed into a wee tiny helicopter. Ben LOVES helicopters and couldn't believe he was really in one! P8160037  I could NOT get a good picture of us! P8160041  Really, mom, seriously - another picture? We're at Ten Feet's concert. We happened upon this band at the library last year and got a virtually private acoustic concert. It was awesome - signed CD, picture with the band, the works. These are really good guys - so genuinely interested in sharing good music and giving young musicians a leg up in the industry. Buy their albums... P8160044
P8160045  Ben drooling and taking in the music. He loves to rock out - some Metallica was playing while we waited for the helicopter ride and he was literally dancing and head-banging (big head bobbing around) in the pack! People were really enjoying him. P8160049  Sizing things up before gettin' their groove on. P8160050 P8160052  Ben moves in to the very front row by the bouncers.
P8160054  Now we're having - you guessed it! - a carnival staple...Sam's first...cotton candy! P8160055  First bite reaction. Hmmm...really odd texture, but it's sweet, so... P8160056  First swallow - going down pretty good now... P8160057  Back in for another...
P8160058  Likin' it! Ben would have none of it! P8160061  But he did love checking out real helicopters. Ran right up to it and held his arms up for the crew member to lift him in. He is totally social and extroverted. Very funny to see how different they are. But as I remind any second-born who will listen, they are fearless this way oftentimes because they've been shown the ropes by the older child, who tends to be more cautious. Who wouldn't be fearless with big, strong Sam around to lead the way? P8160062  Hmmm...tank next mom? P8160064  Running to the Humvee. Smart Sam is telling me - "Hey mom, this trash can isn't for trash!" I was really impressed he made note of that before throwing the cotton candy tube in. Very good.
P8160065  Learning to shaka atop the turret of the humvee. This Marine was so awesome about showing the boys around. P8160066  I wasn't going to include this photo until I saw the LEG poking out, trying to crawl out of the turret. See how sneaky? But there was a big arm holding him back, thankfully. P8160067  They had a good time up there, checking out the rest of the vehicles. P8160069  Pointing to "TACTOR!" Look at Sam, standing at attention.
P8160072  In another 7-ton truck of some sort, in a little swing seat that hangs from the turret. P8160073  "Pree-cool, Mom" he says, in shorthand for "this is pretty cool." P8160074  Ben trying to figure out this equipment. P8160077  Ah ha! It's a phone!
P8160078  What next? PAAA! ("Plane!") This is a P3, used to look for submarines. They drop sonic buoys in the water to listen. We went up and into this plane - crowded, not too comfortable, some sleeping racks and tables in back, workstations up toward the front. I hear it's cold and bumpy. I have a lot of respect for service member. We told all the Marines we came across that we pray for them every night. P8160079  Bye carnival! I got a little emotional leaving. There's something about a good carnival...the boys were bonkers at bedtime. Giggling and giggling and flailing their legs like ferris wheels...whew! Hope you enjoyed the carnival with us :) P8160042  We happened to run into the concert right as this song was playing - it's one of our favorites from their Everday album.