2007-07-25 first hair cut

imgp3867  It was time for a professional! No more chasing Sam around the kiddie pool while I trim. He was such a good boy - I really was amazed at how still and quiet he sat. I think he enjoyed the attention :) IMGP3872  That's Laura - she cut my hair, too. She did a really nice job. The salon is on the Marine Corps base - $23 for both of us, total. Amazing, huh? IMGP3874 IMGP3879
IMGP3882 IMGP3883  So what do you think, young man? IMGP3886  Sheena came with us to help watch Sammy while my hair was cut. They enjoyed hanging out :) - Thanks Sheena! IMGP3887  Sheena is the daughter of my friend Angel's long-time friend...make sense? Sheena is like family to Angel, and so she is with us as well. She's 16 and is spending the summers here in Hawaii with Angel's family.