2007-07-10 camping summit 07

imgp3194  The great camping summit of 2007. We are debating philosophical and tactical approaches to packing and logistics. I'm of the "compact camping" mindset - pack up and get out within an hour. Dad's camping skills have evolved over 50 years of experience. Hard to top that resume! imgp3195  Dad has reviewed all our stuff and packed the truck. We're off! It'll just be dad, Sam and me for the night. imgp3196  We're off! imgp3198  Sam was actually pretty good at geting these together. He wasn't so good at swinging and missing Grandpa - he got Dad a couple times before we provided another activity :)
imgp3199  A more dirty activity. imgp3201  Marilou kindly offered to help get the rainfly up. imgp3202  Making chocolate pancakes while we set up. imgp3203  A quick dip to rinse off before naptime.
imgp3215 imgp3218  Don't you totally love this shot??? Molly - I'm thinking of you as I write this :) imgp3219  Waimanalo Beach is one of the prettiest on the island. Just a little south of us. imgp3220
imgp3225 imgp3230  Dad and Marilou strolled down to check out the scenery, too. imgp3233 imgp3234  Big, spacious group campsite! The sites are for groups of up to 15 tents and 75 people. There was just such an encampment in the spot next to us. Having that much space is really nice. We loved it. We're right across from the beach (protected from the wind by a berm) and near the "shoppette" for sundries. Not that we really needed anything with all that expert camping advice.
imgp3235  The Xterra is happy to be camping. imgp3236 imgp3237  Bug crew. imgp3239  Dad makes some crazy faces. This one is a happy face, actually. :)
imgp3241  Somebody finally fell asleep for a nap after much excitement talking to his "friends" (baby zebra and bear). He was in there saying "I'm roly poly" as he rolled around. imgp3244  Big three-room tent fits 7 people. imgp3245  Such good food! It was a good opportunity to introduce Dad to some local fare from good people. Turns out they run the snack shop on base, too. We didn't realize it at the time :) imgp3248
imgp3250  This is the COOLEST house on the planet. Finally snapped a shot of it. We lived just down the road for a month when we first moved here. imgp3251 imgp3258  One last trip down the slide! imgp3255
imgp3265  Two sticks and BIG RED CAR - all a guy really needs. imgp3267  Driving range - thought of you Popr!!! imgp3268  And mini golf. This campground has it all. Really. imgp3273  Sammy learned how to make kindling for the fire. He props it up...then...
imgp3275  a good crack! I showed him how to hold on first :) imgp3277  Waiting to light the fire for s'mores. Daddy is on his way from work. imgp3281  See my "happy camper" shirt? Always wear a shirt that tells you how you're feeling just in case you forget how fun it is!!! Ha ha! It's a lot of work but I LOVE it. Thanks to mom and dad, it's in my blood from many campouts in my early years. I'm hoping to infect Sam similarly. imgp3283  Daddy came just as we were recovering from a brief but fairly good dousing of rain...As you can see the fire did ok thanks to Dad stacking some of Sam's sticks on top as a thatched roof...clever.
imgp3285  Dad is the blur to the right! imgp3287  Look at that mouff! imgp3300  Hey dad! Great trip :) imgp3301
imgp3304  Boys don't need to learn what sticks are for. imgp3311 imgp3315 imgp3319  Pirate stories by Grandpa! This one is about Captain Garr!
imgp3327  Sunrise. I woke up and new it would be a shame to miss this special time, even if the wind flapping the tent all night had kept me from a nice, long, solid sleep :) It didn't bother Sam or dad, though. imgp3350 imgp3351 imgp3360
imgp3361  Sonrise ;) The little mattress is really for picnics - it folds out to about 5' long, but folded in half makes for a nice little bed. imgp3363  When he wakes up on camping trips he tends to squat for a minute or two before standing up. Good idea to get ones bearings :) imgp3364  Now ready for a little smile at mommy :) imgp3365  And one from peeking behind the netting.
imgp3366 imgp3368  Taking all the bedding out, getting ready for pre-breakfast chores (folding up bedding and stowing it so critters don't get in there). imgp3374  Back in for more stuff. imgp3377  And more squatting to contemplate.
imgp3380  Dad takes his sweeping seriously ;) imgp3386  Bear helps with the chores! imgp3387  Ahhh...now time to relax with "Sammy's coffee" - milk and Ovaltine. imgp3390  Thanks, mom, for the pirate magnet board. It was perfect for the trip. It's actually now in my camping bin permanently :)
imgp3391 imgp3393  Another dash for cover! imgp3396  Daddy showed up with a latte for mommy! Nice of Dave to join us for s'mores and breakfast, eh? He woke up early for work the day before so didn't really want to wake up sore from camping. We'll let him off the hook this time. imgp3399  Yum!
imgp3402  Those sweet potato pancakes are SOOOOO easy and SOOOOO good. Another camping trick I've learned - wear a good color so that you look better than you feel :) imgp3404  Lounging after breakfast :) imgp3406 imgp3410  Where's Dave going?
imgp3413  What?! Lounging during cleanup? Ok, just this ONCE young man! imgp3414  Found this "T" on the ground - T is for Treasure! imgp3419  Giving BRC a bath using the 4-rinse technique :) imgp3420
imgp3424  See the little lips pursed? This could have gone on a while if we weren't packing up. Such a good little helper. imgp3426 imgp3427  All packed and ready to head home for more adventures this week!