2007-02-24 Swamp Romp

DSC 5321  Pre-race prep at 6am...duct taping pants into boots, decorating shirts, face paint, etc. I was going to be thrilled if we managed to get all 12 to the starting line, not to mention finish the race together! DSC 5322 DSC 5323  Leo found us hot pink bandanas with skulls on them... DSC 5324  Sun is coming up - time to motor to the start!
DSC 5325 DSC 5326  Coming up with nicknames - FAST! DSC 5329  The "before" shot... DSC 5330  One more pee!
DSC 5333 DSC 5345  And it begins! We're off on a good pace, only to be slowed down by a huge bottleneck at the first obstacle. We had to climb through a wooden window about 4ft off the ground. Not hard, but a little slippery by then! DSC 5350 DSC 5355
DSC 5357  Lovin the goggles! Those will come in handy later! 0043023-R1-042-19A  Laurie had to swim this part - it was pretty deep!!! 0043023-R1-044-20A 0043023-R1-046-21A  Nice morning for a slug through the mud!
0043023-R1-048-22A  Counting off to be sure we're all together. 0043023-R1-050-23A  Look at that mud! Oh man! 0043023-R1-052-24A  We did it! 0043023-R1-054-25A  So many smiles for such a messy time! This is Diane, our swimsuit model.
0043023-R1-034-15A  And Cathi, our nurse, ready for anything! DSC 5373  This was after the slide - a climb up, then down a wooden slide into a pool of mud. Some of us took a header! That's Cathi, Joy (our stud triathlete and former sherriff), and me, I think... DSC 5383  Time to admire the other "outfits"... DSC 5387  This is why Nate was at every turn to catch us on camera - Laurie is his lovely wife (on left in red). She had "Little Miss Sunshine" inscribed on the back of her tank top.
DSC 5388  That's Leo waving! 0043023-R1-040-18A  Wow - about 1/2 mi from the end and we're still together!!! 0043023-R1-036-16A  The soles on Heather's boots were falling off about 1/4 mi from the finish line. DSC 5391  Laurie led the way through the dunnel, yelling "DUCK WALK!" back to us so our knees wouldn't get too beat up. Good thinkin'!
DSC 5394  Cathi, our Army nurse anesthetist. DSC 5395  Cheri...our pinch-hitter who thankfully joined our motley crew only 48 hrs before the start. DSC 5400  I think that's Sherry ... a little hard to tell with the mud! DSC 5401  I think that's Alli emerging next...
DSC 5402  Yep, that was me :) DSC 5403  Heather emerging... DSC 5404  Heather - our "baby" at 20 yrs old. DSC 5406  Heather's mom, Heidi!
DSC 5407 DSC 5409  Leo! DSC 5411 DSC 5412  We leave no (wo)man behind :)
DSC 5413  Go Leo, with friend Amy behind her. Amy had flown in from Virginia less than 12 hrs ago by this time. What a trooper! DSC 5414 DSC 5415 DSC 5416  Cindy off to a great start!
DSC 5417  And still smiling! DSC 5418  Catie having some fun while mom runs... P2230013  Coming up to the finish. We had to stick together - not easy when  you're slippery!!! P2230014
DSC 5475  We were such a wide team that we tried to run at an angle so others could get by if need be. DSC 5476 DSC 5477  Oh well...the heck with it! Let's take up the whole chute! DSC 5478
DSC 5479  One of my favorite shots! DSC 5480 DSC 5481 P2230015  Captains move off to the right to remove timing chips.
DSC 5493  Cindy and Cheri, who was our pinch-hitter! She filled in for a teammate who had just found out she is pregnant. Cheri joined our team 48 hrs before the race! DSC 5495  Agent Leo having a great time! IMGP1329  Go Heidi! IMGP1330
100 5679  Cindy, Cheri, Cathi, Alli, Joy 100 5680  Amy, Heather, Leo, Diane, Cindy, Cheri 100 5681  Heidi and Laurie, Amy and Heather 100 5682
P2230023  Come on, kiss me! Sam wouldn't come near me for a while... 100 5683  Dave relented, though. Nice guy! IMGP1331 Dirty Dozen
DSC 5513 DSC 5520  I love this shot of Laurie. This is my dear friend who doesn't like to be dirty. (!) DSC 5540  Our great race crew, Pete, mom, Dave, Sammy and Ang visiting from WA! IMGP1338  Nate - our race photographer, somehow he made it to every corner with Catie in tow!
IMGP1342  The "warrior" pose... DSC 5545  Lindsey, Bridget and Catie relax in the sun while the moms clean up. DSC 5551  Amy's foot. The casualties could have been far worse. We did well! 100 5690
DSC 5567 Cindy and Alli  Cindy and Alli celebrate holding the team together! Thanks fellow Captain - well done! 100 5695  Ang dared to get near me! Thanks for timing your visit to be a part of this! 100 5696  Talking to SSGT Weyland after the race - she was writing a story about us. Laurie found her in the frey by noticing her nice camera :)
100 5698 P2230018 P2230026  "Agent A" :) P2230030
P2230042 P2230046 P2230057  That is a happy Amy! Man, rowers are crazy people :) P2230061  Thanks for being there, hubby! Dave got up early after a long week just to be sure I had everything as I walked out the door. What a great guy!
P2230064  Sammy wearing his cammies for the event. P2230065 P2230066  Leo's husband Brendan and daughter Greta (7 months old). P2230058  Good times...looking forward to the next event already. Love ya, ladies!!!
zachary finish shot