2006-12-20 Makapuu lighthouse with Solemates

IMGP8765  Hiking with new group the “Solemates,” an offshoot of the Hawai'i Trail and Mountain Club. Today we're at Makapuu Lighthouse tide pools. IMGP8770  Ahhh... We saw a black crab scooting around, and lots of little fish.  Behind us, a blowhole would spout two big blasts of spray and snort like a dragon. Sam loved it :) IMGP8775  The view from the top - we made it! Going up is much easier, actually :) IMGP8777  Special treat for hungry hikers! Sam walked all the way down the trail to the truck. Dave's Ice Cream in Waimanalo was a hit!
IMGP8778  The lady (pronounced Zoo-key) just adores Sam and remembered him from 3 months ago! We had such fun enjoying him together. IMGP8766 IMGP8768  We hiked up the hill then down this steep, craggy face (about 500' elev) to tide pools. It was dicey getting down there but worth it! IMGP8769  That's where we came from!
IMGP8771  Trail snacks are so good! IMGP8772  Watching the fish. IMGP8773  Can you find the lighthouse? We swam in almost all the pools to check them all out :) IMGP8774  Bummed to be leaving the tide pools but it's time to head out.
IMGP8779 IMGP8780  Two spoons!? Share with mommy! IMGP8781