a new day…a new age?

Whatever your vote, it was an historic day yesterday. I don’t comment on politics here but the momentum generated yesterday, engaging a sweeping cross-section of voters in the political process, is good for our country. I am exhilarated and disappointed at the same time. Certainly Obama represents change on many levels, and the world is taking notice once again that nothing is impossible for Americans. I hope your promises prove substantive. We wish you well guiding us – you have our prayers already.

On the other hand I revere McCain – he is a modern-day hero with a love of country tested and tried in a way few can comprehend. Your story compels me to tell my sons about you - Sam already recognizes you and knows who you are. The Presidency would have been a fitting capstone for your lifelong service. Thank you for your enduring example.


  1. Nana G 6 November, 2008

    Pray we shall

  2. Tres 11 November, 2008

    Alli –

    Well put. I don’t think I could have conveyed my thoughts as well as you just did. I agree, while he was not my candidate of choice, I’m optimistic for what the future holds for us as a country and will support my Commander-in-Chief to the fullest.


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