Monthly Archives: March 2013

Seein’ the sun!

Hi family! The weather has turned a bit – more sun but that means it is also a bit colder here than you might think for March. It’s in the 30s at night, 40s during the day. The sun feels really warm, though. Especially if you’re smart and wear dark heat-absorbing clothes. I posted a bunch of pictures in the album from this month – a few hikes, visit with Dad, mining in the garden with chicken helpers… I hope you enjoy. Disclaimer – It’s late, so my comments are a bit funny. I’m also working off another sinus infection, so I’m really not all there.

Several great hikes with Daddy followed by yummy after-hike eats 🙂 What could be better? We've really enjoyed having some time with him.

Guillemot Cove Preserve

The view from Guillemot Cove across the Hood Canal to the Olympics, and The Brothers peaks.

We went in search of close-at-hand adventure today and ultimately decided to visit a place that I hiked with my dear friend Molly Pendlebury back when Sam was a baby (precise date of hike is 4/11/2005!). Sam was 2 1/2 months old. I remembered liking that hike, and I enjoyed it just the same this time. In fact, we got to explore quite a bit more of the 184 acre preserve. It was a sunny day, and peaceful. We finished up with some dinner at Hales Ales in Silverdale, forgetting it was St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy these pictures. Another busy week about to start!

Me with Sam at Guillemot Cove on 4/11/2005 when he was 2 1/2 months old!

Very very large maple tree on the Maple Trail. Incredible!


The "Stump House" which is a burned out cedar stump with a roof on top. It is said that someone lived in here during the Great Depression.

A nice walk in the woods

Dad was here for a visit! We had such a great time - here's a family shot on our favorite neighborhood trail where I try to grab family portraits on holidays or whenever someone is visiting. This is the picture log! I think I just fell off the log and barely got back on (the camera is on timer).


This is Dave's face when I ask him for a llama, a goat, or anything furry. I'm going to need a "kid" when my kid goes to school next year! I'm covertly planning my farm...

Some highlights of the visit, which was accomplished via space-a on a C17:

  • walks in the woods and on the beach in the sun
  • catching sight of the USS Ronald Reagan pulling out through Rich Passage from Bremerton on a beautiful sunny day
  • buying some plants to add color to the garden, including the forsythia Dad and Grammie sponsored for the family and friends garden! that is the perfect choice!
  • chomping chipped beef and chicken casserole – a Grammie special that Dad made – fed us three nights!
  • attending the school auction at IslandWood which does environmental education
  • fire time and pizza in the garden with the chickens as the stars came out
  • walks around the property imagining my “farm” which Dave does not approve of (I really want a llama!)
  • Merlin chastising Dad for striding so aggressively up to him while I was mucking out the disgusting run
  • domino time with the boys, and training other students after school to be team leaders for Domino Day in art class on Friday
  • Chess with Sam
  • lots of reading – Dad finished off Rickover’s biography
  • fires in the fireplace
  • hanging out with Ben and two other friends while I went to a long meeting on Thurs (I do a lot of volunteer work for school and district)
  • meeting my friend Amy who shares many common childhood stories with me – some involving chickens!

Ben talking to a little friend who went on a hike with us - and we saw an owl in the woods! Note the fence in the background - this is the "country" fence I need for my little goatherd.

Just had to get some color around here!

Went to Bay Hay today with Dad to show him some of my haunts. Ben and I went a little nuts buying up small, colorful plants. This is lavender. He is so cute!


Sam is working with a friend to show him how to do a "fallback" - one of several domino tricks he and his helpers are going to show the rest of the class on Friday.