Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween in the woods

Ben and Sam all dressed up in costume, hiding candy in stashes out in the woods. More elaborate plans were in the offing, until I got under the weather. Six inches of rain didn't help, but it lightened up enough from 4-8 for all of us to enjoy being outside!

Made some spooky treats - mummy hot dogs. These were easy to make. The severed fingers looked easy enough, but they blobbed together and looked like a super fat severed finger. Awful. Didn't even bring them out. Who needs more sugar on Halloween anyway? Had chili in the crock pot on the porch for parents, and one of the moms made Putrid Punch 🙂

I made lanterns to light up the woods and the boys grabbed lit lanterns off the table and hung them up in the woods. It was really cool to see them sparkling out there. They held up pretty well despite wind and rain. I had op-tested one in a pretty exposed place a week ago when I got the idea, so I figured most would work ok. I found 18 of the 24...must wait for tomorrow. Thankfully everything is so wet you couldn't start a fire if you wanted to. I know - I built one in the car port and needed to resort to a fire starter thingie.


Closing ceremonies, such as they were, was sticks poked into the fire then twirled around to make cool designs. The boys loved this. They always do! So I decided a few days ago to plan on it, and let them do it. Good thing Dave wasn't home to oversee sparks going everywhere on the ground...but it was wet anyway. Really no worries. No one got hurt and we got some good shots! Happy times for my two boys. They really enjoyed themselves. And that makes ME happy as can be. Off to bed now!


Salmon Kayak Tour – rainy, but awesome!

We went on a fantastic salmon kayak tour with Olympic Outdoor Center - our guide was Spring. It was so amazing despite being rainy - or perhaps because of the rain! The salmon sense that rain is falling, and that tells them the streams are filling up enough for spawning. They make a run for their stream of birth as they did today - jumping everywhere, racing each other! It was so cool. Click for the rest of the story 🙂

Dominoes! and October adventures are in the album :)

Working on uploading the movie to accompany this tremendous build of 192 dominoes! Click picture to see the rest of October 🙂

A day in Seattle

The boys and I were hanging out eating some frozen yogurt and spotted this gorgeous motorcycle. Unfortunately he got a ticket while we were there, but the sign behind (PIKE MARKET) is pretty cool!


Dave treated us all to this crazy ferris wheel - the second tallest in the US! The boys loved it. I enjoyed it as long as I didn't think about being trapped in a tiny glass enclosure 200 feet above the ground, and hanging out over the water.