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Ben: “Does God have a beard?”

Mom: Uh, no. I don’t think so. (Because I’m tired.)

Sam: But you don’t know. He might.

About 6 weeks ago we got Sam a Rubik's cube. Within two weeks he'd worked at it, and studied algorithms to solve the last layer which made solving a theorem look simple, and finally did it. I whooped and screeched like you wouldn't believe. Since then he bugged us for a 4x4, which he found was harder to solve because it doesn't have a static center piece. But he prevailed. And also got into wanting to understand the engineering inside, which led to dismantling them and not having the right tools to reassemble them. Hence, we now own 3 4x4 cubes, only one of which is functional. The latest - a 5x5! Which he says is easier than the 4x4. What a guy. Ben is working on a 2x2 and will probably beat me to it 🙂


Sam’s journal wk of 8/22

Today I got a 4×4 and a 5×5! I also went on a camping trip. Do you no what’s funny is that we call it “wet wood and a dull ax.” Mom had trouble starting the fire! I learned how to play a song that my Mom loves (Andante).

Summer shenanigans

I have had a little trouble keeping up with posts this summer, haven’t I!? Well…maybe it’s the 12 cubic yards of gravel Richard and I have shoveled, or the 16 cubic yards of top soil, or the wood we’ve stacked, the ground I’ve cleared with my machete (trails and a campsite on the property), plants planted, moss cleared (that’s mom’s painstaking contribution, although she managed to find an excuse to break out the saws-all yesterday for some roots!). We have had a wonderful time working very hard to landscape and contain the overgrowth on 3 of 4 quadrants around the house. We’ve also found some time for fun, even though we were pushing the ibuprofen every night 🙂 Here are a few pictures…and I’m in the process of loading more into the album. In my spare time…ha!

Sam in flag football camp! He had a great time last week.



A day trip to Mt. Rainier turned into a gorgeous outing. Overcast skies gave way to this amazing view of the mountain topped by a lenticular cloud (which means rain in 24 hours on the mountain). Richard drove us all over there and back in his "big black truck", much to the boys' delight. We had a great time, topped off by dinner at a cute family-friendly place called Bruno's. How could we NOT stop there - do you remember Ben's plastic dump truck which he pushed around the dunes and sands of Kailua at break-neck speed? He still does that! Oh, and the wild flowers were in peak bloom. Breathtaking, really. I want to be a mountain goat and live there, grazing in the fields.


After eyeing "ferndale" on our property for a year as a possible tent cabin location, I hacked out a campsite with my machete on Saturday so I could camp out with the boys to unplug a bit. We had such a good time. It feels really remote out there, and we enjoyed watching stars come up through our tent's skylight (we didn't use a rain fly as no rain has fallen in 29 days here!). I even saw the big dipper straight up through the tent screen when coyotes and owls woke me up in the middle of the night. It was so neat. The smell of SPAM grilled the night before made it really feel like old times out camping with them.


The view through the skylight up through the trees. Hawaii-style clouds!

Sam’s journal 8/3


Erleer we went to the SPACE needle. And had lunch in the café up theyr. I also Biult Robo-Gater. We went to Lake Cresint. I lerned how to ciac (kayak) at Lake Cresint. I’m now constructing a strang masheen that I’m not done whith. Do you know why I love to biuld? Baucus it seems to Me that It’s fun to biuld. My Grand-parents came for a 15 day visit! I did a 100, 300 and 750 pise puzzle.

(all original spelling and punctuation retained)

Lake Crescent time

Dave out paddling the evening we arrived at Lake Crescent last weekend with family - Doug, Mary and Isabella from NYC, Dave's parents from Upstate NY, and Mom and Richard. It was such a great time having all 11 of us together for a few days! I'll be posting pictures this weekend so check back for a link 🙂