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Last day with Gramma

We're sliding down from a little cactus quest.

We're sliding down from a little cactus quest. This is how you do it!

This is how you do it!

This is how you do it!


We had a full day today, bookending it with favorite places to eat, of course. First Kalapawai for coffee and muffins (the “new” Kalapawai, that is!), then to the cleaners to try on my dress which had been altered for the Scotland wedding, then to a little nearby hike. When I had a little trouble getting my Crocs on, Sam immediately bent down and said “I’ll help you!” SO SWEET. We had a great time butt-sliding some of the way down on the steep parts. Sam went down a lot (thanks to wearing Crocs with worn soles instead of his usual hikers), but didn’t miss a beat as he kept chatting and chatting and chatting!

There is a story behind this . . .

Is this a company name? A typo? Or Pidgin?

. . . and I’m very curious to track it down! Does anyone have any thoughts or inside knowledge?

Crazy cake time after a trip to the commissary!

We get a wee slice of cake when we go to the commissary. After lunch, and everything is put away, we enjoy our reward. I have to be very careful, though, and not put the slice down between the two boys! Today I made that mistake – there was Sam’s loud “NOOOOO!” and Ben’s “AAAAAIIIICH!” as they each reached at the same time! Ben is fast!

I need to do some research to keep up with Dave…

Dave's latest Amazon purchase

Dave's latest Amazon purchase

But my brain is not completely dead. I did hazard a guess as to how many miles it is from here to Aberdeen, Scotland. I looked at Sam’s placemat (a map of the world with longitudes) and counted how many “squares” from the islands to Scotland. Seemed like about 45% of the total circumference of the earth. That would be about 11,000 miles. With a little tutoring from Dave, I calculated miles in latitude and longitude (the A-squared and B-squared of the Pythagorean theorem) to get to my C-squared. I was only off by about 112 miles – the correct answer is about 11,112 miles or 44.6% of the earth’s circumference. So we are indeed traveling about halfway around the world to my brother’s wedding next month. But still…Dave is clearly the intellectual! This book is not a school-related purchase. Does that scare you a little?

An interview with Sam Krug

Riding solo over the dunes!

Riding solo over the dunes!

Interview after biking over dunes

I sometimes “interview” Sam after big moments to capture his thoughts and personality at the time…just a snapshot of him that pictures alone can’t provide. This one really made me laugh. Mom and I were out with Sam and Ben for a bike ride in the beach park. Sam was practicing riding (he has no training wheels on) and his last ride was about 10 days ago. I took him to a section of the park with some little hills (dunes) so he could ride up and down and get used to the difference in balance as you ride up, over, around, and down them. He rode down 100 yards, did a U turn, came back, coasted down steep inclines with no feet on the pedals to get a good roll before pedaling, etc. He really is getting very good. Today was a particularly good day. He was so full of himself and rode for about an hour. Time flew by because he was having so much fun, but we were at the park a good hour. He really worked it, so I captured his thoughts afterwards. I didn’t subtitle the whole thing – I think you can understand him describing his ride, his route, the bumpy hills, riding around the sign posts, etc. Listen carefully at the end!

Jenni I think you’ll especially appreciate this on several levels with all your bike riding and public relations work. This was a difficult interview! Stay tuned for his last comments…

Digging Hill

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a trail diver, mud eater! Here we are on a little hike with Gramma on Tuesday. I just got all the March pictures posted to date. There are some good ones, and video 🙂 Sorry I’ve gotten behind lately. Been busy going to doctor appts (all is well) and working. And preparing for our big journey to Scotland (passports, shots, etc.). Not much in the way of spare time of late… This hike was Pu’u Ma’eli’eli (Digging Hill). The name was apt. More about the hike and all our other doings in the album.

Listen to some music from the islands…this is by Makana (click to play mp3). Pu’uanahulu We heard him play at Honey’s last Sunday. Absolutely captivating to hear live. Turn it up and close your eyes. Words and translation below. Hear more from him and catch him live on the mainland.

Pu`uanahulu – by David Alapai

Nani wale Pu`u Anahulu i ka `iu `iu
`Âina pali kaulana pu`u kinikini

Beautiful Pu`u Anahulu in its lofty realm
A land of cliffs famous for its many hills

Hui (Chorus):
Lû `ia mai lû `ia mai kô `oukou aloha
E nâ manu `ô`ô hulu melemele

Offer, give your love
Oh you `ô`ô birds with yellow feathers

Ua helu `ia nâ pu`u o Anahulu
Kapa `ia ka inoa Pu`uanahulu

The hills of Anahulu have been counted
And the name of Pu`uanahulu is given

No ka betera nani a ke Akua
Kapa ka inoa ka lamakû i keola

For the beautiful house of God
Named the standing light of life

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Kaulana kou inoa Pu`uanahulu

Tell the theme of the song
Famous is your name, Pu`uanahulu

Source: Ea Collection – Translated by Larry Lindsey Kimura & Joseph Maka`ai

a banner weekend!


Here is a photo of the 6 Babes in Boots – after the 28 Feb Swamp Romp on the Marine Corps Base. After 5 miles of mud, the beer tasted really great!

a day to celebrate


We found a new trail…it smelled like eucalyptus in the strong breeze. The ground was soft under our feet. Gramma was with us 🙂 I found out I have a kidney stone, not the big C word. (Thank you God!) A butterfly emerged, and Ben took his first steps unassisted. WOW! No time to write more…been busy…but I’m thankful for good friends and mentors, and developing new skills to broaden my business. Dave is “it’s BEDTIME!”…naughty mommy!!!!


Did you know this is not a vegetable but rather a mixture of corn and lima beans? I just found out yesterday. Always on the lookout for new and interesting veggies, I saw a can of ‘succotash’ in the market and bought it to try. It wasn’t until I got home, got it open…and tasted it…that I learned.

In other news…my exuberance got me into trouble this morning. I just threw my arms open to give Sam a hug and knocked a glass down…as it tumbled I almost got it but it still crashed and broke. Darn! Running the vacuum at 7:09 am!!!!

Dear Ben,

Or, “To the household of Benjamin Krug,”… Daddy just saw a piece of mail addressed as such and remarked – “It sure feels that way some days.”

Ben, sweetie, as you grow, you become more and more…shall we say…vigorous…direct…expressive… So much so that my ever patient, loving, fun mom even said…”My my my, you DO have your hands full with him.”



This morning we read a Value Tales book about FRIENDSHIP (the story of Jane Addams) and then wrote notes to each other. Today is day of “M.” All things M. I wonder where that will lead us? That’s one of the joys of “freeschool” – learning as adventure for all of us 🙂