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Dear Ben,


Here we are, chatting on the trail with Daddy and Sammy today. We were holoholo in the Tantalus trail system. And you were holoholo on my hair! You kept pulling it, albeit rather gently. Not the usual fistful being ripped right out. So, what have you been up to lately…

“I’m just a peaceful kind of guy.”

Sam is often very quiet when in new situations or meeting new people. He’s a wild guy at home throwing musical shows, dancing around, romping, playing soccer with his friends, etc. He has no shortage of things to say, or questions to ask. He loves describing what he is building (right now a “combat playground” complete with things to go over or under, or swing from, “bigger than Daddy!”).

Sam’s Pirate Party


Photo courtesy Giji. Thanks!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Sam’s fourth birthday with his friends. Please click on the link above for the whole story of the party and campout.

Lanikai loop PR

I can never remember how long the loop is, so for the record it is about 2.31 miles based on If that’s the case, I ran a great time of 19:52 tonight with the boys (8:36 splits). I was really pumped – it felt great to be out there running, despite not hydrating for it. We haven’t been running in probably a week because of camping and etc etc :0 We popped into the playground afterwards and then scooted home to dinner, thanks to Dave. Love you!

boys just wanna have fun!


We started out the day yesterday with a walk down the beach and some fun at the tide pools. We just jumped and jumped off rocks, trying to catch the perfect shot of us midair, flying! Thanks to mom for snapping photos with Ben in her lap shaking a coffee cup full of shells and glass. He loves things that rattle.

Kaena Point


We went on a hike out to Kaena Point yesterday – one of Dave’s favorite spots. It’s so serene despite lots of people making the 5 mile roundtrip trek out to the northwesternmost point of the island (see map inset with arrow).

miracles right before our eyes


Please click on the thumbnail above to see our newest friend emerging right before our eyes! Mom was taking macros for me and suddenly exclaimed “oh oh! ALLISON!”

water boys


It’s been such a busy week that this picture is from last Sunday – a gorgeous day. We stayed at the beach all day long, taking turns paddling and kayaking. Dave and Sam also got to enjoy a long kayak trip out to a little rocky islet about 2 miles offshore from Kailua Beach. Here are the great adventurers, thanks to mom and Richard tracking them and taking a picture :) 


Sam on skates!


Movie: 2009-jan-sam-on-skates.wmv

The Tuesday Adventurers decided to get cold today and go skating! We had a blast! Sam was very persistent and got very quickly to his feet after each slip. He really enjoyed himself, and I had a good time skating around, getting my legs back under me while Kathy held Ben for me. I got to do some crossovers and tight circles, even some wee spins. Doug – you wouldda been proud 🙂 ha ha! I wish we’d thought to have you show Sam your hockey moves while you were here!

a full hoku and a baby honu


Photo courtesy personal photojournalist R. Thomas.

Last night’s full moon was the biggest of 2009 because the moon was at perigee – or the closest point on its orbit around the earth. It’s also called a wolf moon or snow moon according to Native American lore. We decided to chance the rain and head over to Lanikai to enjoy the show.

mommy off the grid!


Thanks to mom and Richard – a quick paddle is documented! This was the first beautiful day in a while so we grabbed my paddleboard and headed out! Mom stood up, too – I haven’t seen photographic proof yet, but she tells me it was for 10 whole minutes. My good friend Heidi showed up on the beach right near us, so she took a turn as well and stood right up. She’s hooked now. I can’t wait to head out again and surf it! The glassy water is not challenging, but it’s so peaceful to be unreachable for a few moments.

A new sport?

While out on a jog, I came up with a new sport – tree jumping! You jump Christmas trees that are out on the road for pickup. You see how high up the wide part of the tree you can jump without landing splat on your face. The boys enjoyed watching me and I really got a kick out of it. I had to run fast then kick my legs up high. I refrained from going too too crazy because I still had four miles to run to get to my breakfast.

2009 Krug family photo :)


Thank you, Richard, for grabbing this very impromptu shot!!! You did a great job in very little light and with a very squirmy baby…and I enjoyed the pictures of Ben mauling me 🙂

Nana and Bops!


It’s the last day of Nana and PopPop’s visit! We have had a wonderful time and they have really (REALLY) helped us knock to-do items off a long-standing list that grew while Dave was in school at night this past year. Here are Nana and “Bops” watching while Sam and PopPop enjoy “the ball show” – romping around in the back yard.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


Slide show: 2008.wmv

I created a slide show to capture our memories from 2008. I enjoyed reminiscing the fun and special moments we were blessed to share with family and friends. It is still about 7 minutes long after many passes to trim…despite my best editing efforts there were just too many special memories! Many of you will see your mugs captured in a frame or two 🙂 (Depending on your connection it may take a minute or two to buffer the download.)

Lots of aloha to each of you, and our prayers are with those of you deploying this year. A hui hou!