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Dear Ben,


Photo courtesy of Bill Krug.

You were 7 months old on Dec. 21, a few days before Jesus’ birthday. Just 10 days earlier you began to crawl, and you already know to crawl to the bathroom when you hear the bath water being drawn!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Silent Night – Brothers Cazimero (click for mp3)pc240014-2.JPG

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you to all those who called or mailed us – you are near and dear to our hearts! Thanks for crossing the miles with your presents to be present with us 🙂 Gail and Bill (Dave’s parents) and my mom were here for Christmas morning…

Pictures are posted (click on mp3 file then on photo above to enjoy song and pictures). Sam LOVES his Lego gifts – he’s outlasted two grown men today with building a fire station! Bill and Dave are taking turns while Sam works. He barely takes a break to go to the bathroom! Hours and hours and hours he’s been at it! Also in the December album you’ll find movies of Ben crawling.

A real, live Secret Service Agent!!!


We were in Kalapawai this morning and I looked around to see a gun strapped to a man’s leg, and as my eyes scanned upward they bulged and my mouth gaped. He had on black pants, black shirt and a baseball cap. Here’s what happened next:

tactical crocs


The monarch caterpillar we were “hosting” hatched!!! We woke Sammy up to see it – he said “this is EXCITING!” 

Yesterday I kept Sam out of preschool and enjoyed a totally unscripted long morning with the boys, starting with a run onto base for doctor appointments. On our way through the gate we saw Obama’s motorcade coming out (they’d been working out at the gym).

Gail and Bill in Paradise!


So how do you like our remodel? Nice place to stay? Ha! This is the Paul Mitchell Estate, where it was initially reported the Obamas will be staying for Christmas. I went to a wine tasting here with my friends a month or two ago. It’s now being reported the Obamas will be staying even closer to where we live, near the Marine Corps base, but the street will be secured and we won’t be able to get near it. I am guessing that’s why the location was changed, or never was going to be in Lanikai in the first place.

Christmas in Hawai’i


Trivial side note compared to the meaning of the season, but I am afraid I’ll forget my promise to Sam unless I write it down: if you ever find yourself sitting at a triangle table, you can eat like a pirate! (i.e. sit on the table, eat with your hands, throw your plate…) We’re continuing to work on manners…when does it end? 🙂 I’m hoping triangle tables are really as rare as I imagine…

Makapu’u Mud Slog


I thought we’d do an easy walk near the ocean today, somewhere that typically gets a lot of sun even in winter, and avoid the major mud-fests we’ve encountered in the mountains lately… We were COVERED in mud by the end of the jaunt! Click on the photo above to join us from the comfort of your dry chair 🙂

the recital crashers


Above is Sam, dressed in a “dress-up” shirt with lots of buttons (that he does himself), at a concert – actually a recital at Punahou School. You’ve heard of Punahou – that’s where the President-Elect went. It’s a gorgeous campus, and you’d think it was a small college vs a K-12 school. Anyway – I stay tuned into free music events so I can take the kids often. I saw this chamber music concert (which I later found out was a recital) and decided to go. Fiasco or success, it would be memorable.

December pictures

Check the album – I’m trying to keep it updated so you can enjoy festivities virtually 🙂 Happy Holidays from Hawai’i!

Important milestones


  • Dec 4 – Ben’s first tooth, bottom left
  • Dec 10 – crawling!!!
  • Dec 11 – pulling to a stand – already??? yikes!
  • Dec 12 – second tooth, bottom right!

USS Arizona


There are so many privileges to being a dependent of an active duty service member. One such we enjoyed today – a tour of the USS Arizona from the Admiral’s barge. The tour began at the boathouse and a little museum inside with very good maps of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Newest guest


He (or she) makes his own bed and sleeps for two weeks!

Tree trimming time


Last night we enjoyed trimming the tree with mom and Richard – Dave made a great spiked egg nog (yum!). How is it that when you’re a kid, the advent season seems to last a nice, long time, but as an adult it blows by so quickly?

Chinaman’s Hat


We’re really enjoying doing more kayaking now that Sam is older and can be trusted to sit up front on his own and sometimes even paddle. Today we went to Chinaman’s Hat (Mokoli’i), which has been on my “list” for a long time. Mom hung out with Ben in the little tent while we scooted out, then I came back with her kayak so she could meet up with Dave and Sam out at the little beach. Here is a shot from the top. Very very tricky. Would not recommend taking a child up there. Nice view from 206′ feet up. Thanks for the family adventure, Dave, despite having a ton of school work to do! Love you!!!!



This is the best surf report I’ve heard – wave faces, swell direction, wind speed, even sunrise and sunset. And it’s got a good dose of aloha spirit…take a listen if you’re stuck in traffic with your bluetooth thingy in your ear 🙂 Tim – you’d especially enjoy it I think. My brother dialed in every day while he was here. Miss you, still, Doug!