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Preschool Halloween parade

sam2-2.jpg     sam1sm-2.jpg

Aren’t I lucky to have paparazzi following my boy? My friend Liisa took these great shots of Sam. It was mayhem there – he seems to be taking it all in. We had a really nice jog over and back, the three of us. We make up new cadence every time, and today Ben joined in with baby cadence :) It was a nice way to ease into and out of the frenetic pace of this holiday. Liisa – thanks again for the great photos 🙂

Happy Halloween


Getting in the spider frame of mind…tomorrow I hope to be a web, Sam a happy-face spider, and Ben a fly. Let’s hope I can pull that off! Happy costume day to you and your ohana!

“Mommy, is that a gibbous eeaarrtthh?”

Sam is a budding astronomer, and I really like a book we got from the library about the moon. At one point it shows a view of the earth from the moon, and that’s when Sam asked this question. Very insightful to realize that gibbous pertained to the shape, and that it was the earth far away, not the moon. Made me proud 🙂

Hawaiian culture

Did you ever wonder how one is considered a “native Hawaiian”? or How the places were named? Want to know more about the pre-contact culture (which is actually very recent)? One of my friends is awesome at asking questions whenever we’re out, collecting information and filing it away. I have to use the Internet and absorb visually… So here are two sites that I have found to be fascinating. You might consider flipping through them before your visit. You will have a different appreciation of the lands, the people, and their culture in addition to the swaying palms, beautiful sunrises and mai tais that you’ll also enjoy!


Culture and legends:

“Did you bring Sam’s goggles?”

Rainy day run movie

Dave is such a nut – for some inexplicable reason, I wanted to go for a run with the boys (all three of them). It didn’t matter that it was raining out. Really raining. I mean, in Washington I ran throughout the winter (think freezing rain, golf-ball hail storms, 30knot winds…)



That’s what Liisa calls Ben 🙂 Here he is waking up from a nap on our hike Tuesday. He is wriggling so often that it is hard to study his face. I really appreciate this photo and the time Liisa took to edit it and share with me, and by extension Ben’s whole family. The hike was the day of his 5 month birthday. Hi5, bee-dub!

“more cleanin’ and more lovin'”

Last night I asked Sam what he’d like to do more of – were there any activities that he wished we’d do more. After thinking only briefly he said “mooore cleeeaa-nin and mooooore lovin'”! These boys are so cute we want a third! (Boy, that is.)

Random adventure day


The boys and I went on a secret mission to get a birthday present for a dear friend and fellow adventurer. Afterwards we detoured to Kualoa Beach for a quick romp in the sand and to check out some new sights. Sam held on to Ben for me as I cleaned up the sand toys. He was very sweet about it, giving him soft lip-rubs on the fuzzy little head (I am not sure but I think they were kisses). He is way into Babar now, and specifically requested “Babar and His Children” from the library, so perhaps he imagines himself to be Arthur who is entrusted with pushing the stroller with the triplets… Anyway, a couple very cute impromptu portraits were the happy result. I also did a quick fingerpainting…which my dear friend Liisa totally loves and that makes ME feel amazing. So, thank you, dear friend, for the huge compliment! Happy Christmas in October, it will be yours 🙂


“the next time we hike…

I want you to bring my camp chair so that I have a place to sit on the asphalt that is not too hot so I can eat my snacks.” Can you believe him? I’m just remembering this sentence.

Holoholo around southern O’ahu


We had a fantastic day exploring southern O’ahu. We weren’t sure what we’d do but ended up coming home 11 hours later. Between hiking Koko Head and checking out Waialae Beach near the Kahala Resort, even I am tuckered out 🙂 My boys had a great time…thanks for the adventure, Dave! Click on the photo above for some interesting shots of Koko Crater and Hanauma Bay, as well as the Spitting Cave below Koko Head and a quiet little beach and wee island…

garage sale honor system

I cleaned out our garage (at least the side that doesn’t contain tools) and put a table out with items on it for sale. Posted an ad to Craigslist, and played ball with Sam out front to see if anyone stopped.

Field trip to Kapa’a Quarry


We had a wonderful adventure at Kapa’a Quarry today! I rented a 15 passenger van and took 5 parents and 8 kids on a field trip to Ameron Hawaii. The quarry has been in operation for 40 years. The berms (terraces) as you look up from the pit are each 25′ wide and 50-100 feet high! (See photo below.)pa070013-2.JPG

The peaks above the pit are 700-800 ft above sea level, and this photo was taken from about 200′ elevation. I’ve hiked above the pit and I remember how deep it really looks from above. The berms are to prevent rocks from falling down into the pit and damaging vehicles. The rock they drill is basalt, volcanic rock. Drillers drill a hole into which explosives are dropped (ANFO or ammonium nitrate/fuel oil). The big rocks are loaded onto 50-ton haulers and brought up to the crushers. The haulers are immense, and extremely advanced. Computerized electronics govern the speed based on what the driver has experienced during the course of the day. The crushers crunch up the rock into a variety of sizes, from gravel to fine sand. Then the sand is used to make concrete which is hauled away in the cement trucks we see all over the island.

The pit sometimes fills with water during the winter rains. When you look down at the water it is a briliant blue-green. The quarry reclaims the water for use in making cement. They pump it out of the pit and store the water in large tanks. Our tour guide, Linda, was so well-versed in all the quarry operations – we couldn’t stump her! The day concluded with a trip to McDonald’s for a romp in the playground and a cheeseburger, compliments of Ameron Hawaii. The day was a huge hit! You rock, moms and dads! (ha ha!)

First Friday Fire


While Dave thought this fire was a bit large for a 400sq ft backyard, we had a great time with our newest tradition – First Friday Fires 🙂 Dave was out there with the hose spraying down the roof just in case embers got too carried away, literally. My friend Ang was here to enjoy some wine and s’mores with us. Sam and Ben enjoyed watching and stoking, respectively 🙂

Pu’u Pia hike with Ang


Ang and I relived old times by hiking with Sam (and Ben) up Pu’u Pia. This is one of Sam’s favorite hikes and we had a great time. It was rainy but we really didn’t get wet due to the dense foliage and the sunshine which chased the clouds away from our little ridge. We also spotted Ang’s husband Josh’s carrier just off the coast, waiting to pull in. We waved, Josh! We also enjoyed a latte on our way to the hike, just like we did when we hiked together in Washington, at Grand Forest (Bainbridge Island) and also Green Mt. It was so good to be on the trail with you again, Ang!!!