Monthly Archives: April 2008

“no fire, no machetes, and don’t let Alli get in the kayak”


Those were Mike’s parting words to Angel as he left on Saturday for a few hours during the baby shower 🙂 Well – we complied with most of his directives. I didn’t bring my fire stuff over, and we decided against using machetes to crack open coconuts. But…as you can see…I did get in the kayak. I’m surprised it didn’t sink! We had such a great time. More pictures are in the album (click on photo or follow link in header).

Uncle Tim is here!


Uncle Tim arrived and Sam is loving having another guy around to read with, play Legos (Sam is the “Boss” for building projects) and romp around with at the beach. It’s great to see Dave and Tim have some time together, albeit squeezed between Dave’s work and school commitments. So far Tim has visited our beach, the tide pools where Sammy loves to play, base, the marsh trail, and the North Shore for snorkeling at Shark’s Cove. Yesterday was a town-wide block party with hula and other performers. Last night they figured out the rules for Dread Pirate – I heard something about raid or trade…sounded like a fun game for guys. Dave is looking forward to Neil arriving on Wed for a few days. I think there will be some pirate stuff going on then!

Yesterday my friends threw me a wild baby shower – sorta like a Survivor! episode. Angel coordinated it all – 9 women, 8 games, appetizers, presents and all in 2 hours! We had a kayak race down the canal, a pool race using kiddie floats, a fruit bowl race (a relay where you couldn’t use your hands), a poopy diaper toss (hilarious to see Angel’s “poop” mixture!) and cut the cord (with darts – whoever hit the umbilical cord on a drawing of a baby won). She did an amazing job and I was so touched not only that she and her co-conspirators would honor our baby this way but that so many wacky friends came out for it! In fact, it was such a hit that they want Angel to organize other strange parties 🙂 Wait ’til you see the pictures…

First overnight in three years!


Here we are at Turtle Bay Resort… We sneaked away for an overnight while mom and Sam had a nice weekend together. We were only away for 28 hours (!) but it was wonderful to reconnect. This is just before going to dinner at a nice restaurant. Yes, we still talked about Sam a lot 🙂

beach fun with Daddy


Dave and Sam had a great time romping in the waves! This was after a full week and weekend of work around the house – Dave had to finish up exams/papers for school then clean up the guest room which was still a disaster after the kitchen remodel. We’re still working on that but it looks MUCH better! Just in time for brother Tim to visit for a month.