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hike, house, happiness!

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we went for a great hike to Maunawili Falls today with Mike, Angel, Luke, Josh, David and Sheena, then drove out to Waimanalo to see our rental cottage by the ocean. you can hear the ocean from the cottage, and it’s really cute.

our first offer on a home!

we placed an offer on a house today – very momentous occasion for us since it’s our first home purchase. cross your fingers and say a few prayers they accept! we’re excited either way 🙂

Caffrey goes househunting

We were looking at homes in Kailua and came back to find Caffrey missing! While Dave was out driving around looking for her, I got a call from a local vet who had scanned her microchip and found us.

first day of househunting

[photopress:imgp7467.jpg,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP7465.JPG,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP7464.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Dave checked into his first day of work yesterday (see nice new outfit above!) and really enjoyed meeting everyone in the office. He is excited to be involved in important, challenging work.

sammy enjoys playing with the big boys

[photopress:david_and_sam_reading_in_pigpen.jpg,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:monkey_around.jpg,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:bath_time.jpg,thumb,thumb]

Sammy has really enjoyed hanging out with the youngest Uherek – David. They read together in Sam’s pigpen, and David helped friend Sheena babysit today while Dave and I went running. We came back to find them all sprawled on the bed reading.

to many tourists and settlers suffocate the aloha.

[photopress:IMGP7463.JPG,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP7461.JPG,thumb,thumb]

this was note handwritten with a sharpie on the back of a van parked at the beach today. angel and i wanted to fix the typo 🙂

first day in Hawaii

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we had a relaxing day today with the Uherek’s and are getting immersed in the island lifestyle 🙂

we’re in Hawaii!

[photopress:IMGP7439.JPG,thumb,thumb] we arrived about 6 hours ago to the warm welcome of our friends, Mike and Angel and their three boys, one of whom is camping out with friends so we can have his room 🙂

final packout

Last 4 boxes! [photopress:IMGP7349.JPG,thumb,thumb] the last couple days have been too hectic to post, but things are going really well!

packing – day 2

yesterday i went over to mom and pete’s to have dinner and play with sam before doing more cleaning here. i sat down to read with him and he couldn’t seem to get comfortable – then he had his first puke all over me!! did I say ALL OVER?! he is better today…

first day of packing

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This first day is going so well! Jerry and Spring from Mayflower Moving are here packing and they really are very professional,

hiya g.g.! and pre-move weekend adventures

[photopress:7_14_2006PoulsboPackers__4__1.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_15_2006GreenMtnBeforeHawaii__14_.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Green Mt hike movie good mornin’, great grandma! hello from WA 🙂 sammy, mom, pete and i had a great day today and i know you’re up checking out the site seeing what adventures are afoot 🙂

Ang’s birthday!

[photopress:IMGP7277.JPG,thumb,thumb]   [photopress:IMGP7288.JPG,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP7286.JPG,thumb,thumb]
We had a great time celebrating Ang’s birthday at Tizley’s Euro Pub in Poulsbo. It was supposed to be a surprise,

June NE trip pictures!

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I finally sifted through all 467 (!) pictures from our amazing 19 day trip through MA, CT, RI and NY. We had so much fun seeing our family and friends. Sammy and I miss everyone, but are so glad we came back to see you before moving to Hawaii. We sure hope you’ll allow us to return the favor of spoiling you in paradise sometime! Enjoy the photos and captions 🙂 Despite spending hours going through the pictures and picking only the best ones, there are still over 200. So grab a cup of coffee (or dessert!) and enjoy reminiscing. I did 🙂

Sammy waking up – to Gramma’s camera!

[photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__1_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__8_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__9_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb]     [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__7_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb]

[photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__6_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__2_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__5_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:7_6_2006WakingUpWhileMomRunsErrands__1_Small.jpg,thumb,thumb]

I had to run a bunch of errands early in the morning, so mom came over to greet Sammy when he woke up. She went in with camera in hand, of course, so I’m totally drowning in pictures and can hardly keep up. He was so photogenic this particular morning that they seemed worthy of posting 🙂