Monthly Archives: June 2006

wish i were a truck…

so today was pretty full, and i’m sitting here with a beer, reflecting… mom, sam and i went on a wild round-the-sound trip today to go to a doctor appointment at madigan army hospital in tacoma, then up to seattle to drop off the truck for shipment to hawaii (which takes ~21 days).

hawaii “landing area” – our temp home!

here are a few pictures (thanks to angel!) of our temporary home for a couple months! we are so blessed to have found this home. we’ll be their first longer-term tenants, and they’ve completely remodeled the home. it’s in our price range, they love kids and dogs, AND it’s a block from the beach!

another fun rendezvous


i got a chance to see my good friend and mentor (and first client!), louise anne, tonight for dinner in seattle. this was actually our second meeting in a month – this time she was in town for the congress of epidemiology.

crazy days, trip reflections and dessert envy

we’ve been back home for only 4 days and despite my best intentions, have been very busy ever since. i truly meant to take a day off to just unwind from our wonderful trip…

Northeast tour :)

UPDATE: links to pictures and video from our NE Trip!

hi! we’re sitting here in NYC with Pig, Bear and Mom (Sam is napping) and having a great time wrapping up our 19 day trip seeing family and friends. Oh – it’s my birthday, too! we’ve taken a ton of pictures and will post them when we get back.