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photo galleries are up!

I posted pictures from Sam’s 15th and 16th months, including a movie or two 🙂 Enjoy!

Victoria Day trip with mom!

[photopress:gardens.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP6755.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:horsing_around.jpg,thumb,thumb] Mom, Sam and I shot up to Victoria, British Columbia, CA for an overnight trip to check out this beautiful city while Dave stayed home to concentrate on his studies for quals. We had a fantastic time! And as it turned out, we caught Victoria Day as well!

2nd Viking Fest Road Race 5 miler

[photopress:IMGP6727__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]  [photopress:IMGP6728__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Sammy and I raced again today and had a great time! I cut about 3min/mile off my time from last year – yeah! Sam was funny – he fussed when I was behind people then smiled and clapped as I passed! Little racer!Unfortunately, no good finish line photo – the race officials swarmed to the chute and blocked Dave’s view from all sides. We did get a good one of my buddy Noel crossing the line with her son, Matthew! We did very well – just over 9min/mile splits, and that’s including stopping to chase down stuff the kids threw off the stroller! Here’s a couple pictures. They ran out of water at the end so I’m using Sam’s sippy cup.

another great hike up green mt!

the hiker girl gang inducted another member today with a mosstache and walking stick (no amy, this one wasn’t rotten!). noel and her son matthew had a great day, and we had fun with ang and becca as always. weather was awesome! here are some funny photos 🙂

[photopress:IMGP6711__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]   [photopress:IMGP6713__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP6715__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Mother’s Day

[photopress:5_14_2006Mother__sDayAnacortesDeceptionPass__46_.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:5_14_2006Mother__sDayAnacortesDeceptionPass__49_.JPG,thumb,thumb]

We had a great time yesterday touring around several islands in the sound with my mom! It was a special way to share Mother’s Day – create memories together!

Caffrey’s perfect day

Here’s Caff enjoying a nice walk in the woods, followed by a swim, cheese handouts and frisbee chasing. This is for all you dog-lovers wondering if Caff has any fun anymore 🙂

[photopress:IMGP6682.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:perfect_day.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP6679.JPG,thumb,thumb]

Sam’s new digz

In anticipation of summer fun camping, I couldn’t wait to put up Sam’s kid tent in the living room. We’re both enjoying it! He has all his books in there, and enjoys quiet time reading. He even has new “camp shoes” which he leaves outside the door of the tent 🙂 We had to get these camp shoes for all the fun water time on rocky shores that you’ve seen in other pictures.

[photopress:IMGP6670.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP6672.JPG,thumb,thumb]

the goodbyes begin

[photopress:IMGP6669.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:IMGP6667.JPG,thumb,thumb]

dinner with bryan was only the first in what will be a string of goodbyes that begins this month and stretches through our departure in July. since dave will be out to sea or away in school until the day we leave, we’re also trying to cram in all that’s left on our WA adventure wish list – the san juan islands, mountain biking, visiting family…

standing watch by the dawn’s early light


my stalwart friend and adventure co-conspirator, and, and i had another great outing before the men returned. we decided to go stay at an old fort overlooking the route the ship takes on its return. we figured it’d be incredible to wake up, have coffee and watch the ship sail by early in the morning, then pack up and get the “boys”.

final baguette batch

[photopress:batch_3_a_w_overnight_retard__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:batch_3_b__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb] if you’ve been following the baguette baking saga, then you’ll be happy to know this is the final post on this topic for a little while! i’ve retired the baking stuff for the week at least 🙂 the final round of baguettes came out nearly perfect