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nice trip into seattle with ang today – we bought a few silly things for the boys to surprise them when they get home.

baguette technique

i improved some things with this batch: better shaping, more salt (to improve gluten formation), not as much water (better shape), a poolish (a starter that fermented overnight to add some tang), better slashing technique (to create wider flares and accommodate good oven spring) and a hotter oven (500 deg F) to create that rapid oven spring and let the crust set. more improvements tomorrow: shaping technique perfected 🙂
[photopress:baguette_with_poolish_2__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:shaping_variation_and_crumb_structure__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb] [photopress:baguette_with_poolish__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]


[photopress:after_proofing__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]    [photopress:IMGP6596__2_.JPG,thumb,thumb]

my artisan bread skills have been slowly improving over the last year, and i really enjoy using my wild yeast sourdough starter to make focaccias, baguettes, ciabattas…yesterday i had the opportunity to visit a “real” artisan baker about 30 min away in Port Hadlock.

fun in the water on a great hike

playing in the water video


tired little hiker had such a great time playing in the water on this hike! thanks to ang, the pictures tell the story 🙂 he hiked pretty far on the steep trail back up. with his little hiking boots on, he’s really stable outside. he hikes, then hitches a ride when he’s tired. thanks for the photojournalism again, ang! great day!

waist-deep snow and other fun

sam’s weekend video (17MB)


it was GORGEOUS here this weekend! it was about 70 yesterday and felt like 80 today, no clouds…so we had a little wanderlust and went up to Hurricane Ridge for some snow play yesterday then out to Ft. Flagler today to check out the camping options. Great views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Whidbey, Port Townsend, the Cascades and Olympics. Here is a movie of what little time we spent at home. 15 months

a real firetruck!

[photopress:Image017.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:Image018.jpg,thumb,thumb] [photopress:Image015.jpg,thumb,thumb]
i went down to base today so i could swap cars and get my zippy little GTI back. sam and i have a couple road trips in mind while dave’s at sea… so my friend christine helped me swap the car seat into the GTI, which has LATCH and is supposed to be really easy. well that’s if you’ve done it before OR read the manual.

sam’s first hiking shoes

[photopress:IMGP6465.JPG,thumb,alignleft]sammy got to hike on the trail today in new hiking shoes from tita bear – tommy hilfiger trail shoes! he really liked how he could grip the boulders and that the rocks didn’t hurt his feet like they did with the little leather slip-ons. we had a great day – 60 degrees, sunny and great views…good company, too! here is a movie of lunchtime at the top…hiking shoes

Sam’s smile

[photopress:Image012.jpg,thumb,alignright] here’s a good one of him smiling at the turn-around point halfway through our run. we usually walk, hand in hand, down this shady lane to let his legs stretch a bit before we head back.


[photopress:IMGP6458.JPG,thumb,thumb]our morning started early with mass (we arrived early only to wait 30 min for a 2 hr mass to start!), then had brunch with mom and ang, who hosted us with a wonderful spread of gourmet cheeses, fresh baked bread, mimosas, smoked salmon…it was lovely. sam took a nap before coming down for his repast, after some coaxing from me (he’s in travel training in prep for a trip back east). it was a great day spent with loved ones. sam even hunted for Easter eggs that Ang’s mom had sent. he was especially delighted with opening them up to find strange toys inside 🙂 more photos in the album…

mania ensues

after dave goes to sea. i guess my coping mechanism is to get incredibly busy. this last episode began with a trip to barnes and noble with dave for a “date”.

fascination with bellies

[photopress:Image007.jpg,thumb,pp_image]sammy was a party boy again tonight – we went to the yacht club for a steak dinner as guests of mom and pete. another couple brought their grandkids, two really sweet girls, one of whom sammy took quite a liking to!

adventures in napping

i can’t believe this – probably for the first time in sam’s 15 months i’m actually waiting, hoping, he’ll wake up soon! he is asleep in my mom and pete’s guest bedroom.

moving excitement

we’re moving to o’ahu for 5 yrs in july…and planning to rent for a few months before buying our first home. the median home price is $625K, so i’m doing quite a bit of research before we head out…

froggie has…

sam has been doing some funny things since daddy left for sea a few days ago…he’s responding to “say ‘mama'” and “say ‘dada'”! so exciting 🙂 he’s also having fun with his froggie squeak toy…froggie has…

green mt hike

[photopress:Image005.jpg,full,pp_image] another great day on green mt! it was supposed to be sunny, but ended up being pretty chilly. as you can see, it didn’t dampen our spirits! thanks for a great day, ladies!